Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Water study


A couple weeks ago, Landon's class conducted a water study.  They study on these topics for as long as the kids are interested.  I think they were on this study for a few weeks before moving on sports and exercise which they are just now bringing to a close. 

At the end of their water study, Mrs. Dibble invited family and friends to come to the school for water Olympics.  I jumped at the opportunity to join them, and had so much fun. 

During the course of the afternoon, the kids moved around to different work stations.  I was at the station of colored water.  The kids got to use straws to move the water around on wax paper.  Not a lot of the colored water was drank thanks to my hands on supervising skills. ;)

As a thanks for coming the kids sent me a signed thank you.  How sweet!
And Landon's version of the water cycle.

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