Friday, May 31, 2013

The mighty Turkey

Just in case you were wondering what the river behind our house looked like.  We had over 4 inches of rain in about two hours. 

I panicked for about an hour after I got home.  Jer was busy at work and couldn't answer, and I just wanted to take the boys and Elke and run for the hills.  Thankfully my Dad answered and told me to stay put. Such a smart man. :)

So we watched and we waited.  I never really worried about the river coming near the house.  I was more worried about washouts and lightning and the flickering of electricity.  That was one heck of a storm. 

By morning, the river was up higher than when we fell asleep, but we could see by the marks on the trees that it had already receded about a foot. 

So Mother Nature, I think we are ready for some sun!

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