Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Carnival Party {part 2}

So you saw the handsome birthday boys, the fun games, but how about this spread of food...
 It was traditional carnival food with hot dogs, ring salad, fruit on a stick and chips to go. 

  What's a carnival without popcorn and cotton candy!
And although most carnivals don't usually include a serving a cake, these birthday's wouldn't be complete without it.

 Three layers of cake included vanilla, chocolate and vanilla with a raspberry filling.  How to choose...good thing for leftovers, I didn't need to!
 Asher and Sullivan had their own little smash cakes.

Let's just say Sullivan loved it.  Asher not so much, I think he was scared!

Although this little guy needed absolutely nothing, he was blessed with some very thoughtful presents.  Included are some new books, a new outfit, Thomas and some tracks, a semi, a bubble mower, a dozer and some money for his savings account.  He loved them all!

We had such a good time celebrating Asher and Sullivan's Birthday's.  Here are a few more snap shots of the party.

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