Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby got a haircut...

Remember about a month ago when I showed you Asher's first hair cut trim.  If not, click here to see it.  At that time, I set up for the boys' next appointment, thinking it was eons away.  The day quickly approached and up until Asher hopped in that big black spinny chair, I was having cold feet.  Just in case you're wondering, here are the befores...

Asher did a great probably helped that big brother went first.  We are definitely in monkey see, monkey do mode around this house.  Whatever Landon does, Asher wants to do.  Well, that worked out to our advantage this time.  Landon got his haircut, and Asher was eager to hop in the chair next. 
 Such a big boy!

Asher still has the long{er} flowy look going on, but it's definitely shorter than it was.  And even though he still gets called a girl, I'm sorry, he is just meant to have long hair.  I honestly can't even picture him with short hair.  It's just not his style if ya know what I mean?!

So what do you think?  Not a huge change.  Can you tell at all?  It's a little more even in the back and out of his eyes.  To be honest, I wasn't pumped about giving him bangs, but most of the time the hair hung down in his eyes.  I didn't want to cause any vision troubles (seriously the stories I've heard!), so we cut them.  Once he gets a little bigger, I may look at growing them back out. 

Thankfully his haircut wasn't drastic enough that it doesn't make him look any older!

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