Friday, July 5, 2013

Asher is TWO

Asher is TWO!  Here are a few favs about Ash...

...Asher LOVES to read.  He will let you read anything to him, but in the end he always reverts back to his favorites:  Moo, Baa, La La La! and Sheep in a Jeep. 
 ...Asher loves tractors.  When he sees one, he will yell out DADDY.  We use to think he was associating tractors with Daddy {not sure why}, but have put together that his vocabulary is not expanded enough and he really is trying to say tractor.  Playing tractors is by far his favorite independent activity at home.

...Asher still takes two naps a day.  Usually a 45 minute nap around 8:30 am, followed by a longer nap in the afternoon.  When he's tired, watch out.
...Asher has had one tiny little haircut.  I wouldn't even call it a haircut as much as a trim to get the hair out of his eyes.

...Asher has found a liking to puzzles.  We have one large wooden shape puzzle that he completely mastered on the first try.

...Everything is pronounced with an -e- on the end of it.  Ashie, milky, blankie, rockie.
...Asher loves the Micky Mouse app on the ipad, and is very good at it.  Much to our disapproval, he will often take the ipad off the kitchen counter {or from wherever it may be}, girl up in the chair and play.  Without ever really being taught, he knows exactly what he is doing.  That makes me a little happy and a little frightened at the same time.

...Asher LOVES his blanket and taggie.  He really didn't take a liking to either of these until a few months ago, but they now prove to be very crucial at nap and bedtime.

...Asher has all of his teeth except his two year molars.
...Favorite foods include yogurt, apple, bananas and chocolate.  Asher very much has a sweet tooth.

...Asher is very much a pistol and loves to push buttons.  We are continually challenged on standing our ground as Asher will repeatedly ask for something or to do something.  If we tell him no, he will ask over and over and over to the point that you almost want to cave. 

...Asher loves the water.  He hates having his hair washed, but loves to play in the water.

...Asher is starting to pair multiple words together to make sentences.  Daddy home now or No no Ruby or LanLan go nigh nigh. 
...Asher absolutely adores his big brother.  Everything Landon does, Asher has to repeat.  Everything Landon has, Asher wants.  Everywhere Landon goes, Asher follows.  I know at times this may be annoying to Landon and we try really hard to separate them at times so each of them can have one on one time, but for the most part, I think Landon adores Asher as much as Asher adores him. 

Our world is complete with this fiery little soul in our lives and we can't wait to see all the changes and learning that will take place in the next year.  Happy TWO years Asher!

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