Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kindergarten class field trip

I had the privilege to go with Landon and his class on their very first field trip of the year.  They had a fun filled day of going to the Waukon park where they got to play and eat their sack lunch, and then it was off to Peake Orchards.

It was a perfect fall day and I was so excited to join Landon and his friends at the park.
 I've heard it before, but this playground is amazing!  

 The two South Winneshiek kindergarten classes stopped to pose for a picture.
Time for a sack lunch.  I pack Landon's lunch almost everyday, but for some kids, this was a real treat.  They were so excited to see what was packed in their lunch bags.
And then it was back on the bus to head to the apple orchard!

As soon as everyone got off the bus, we all got on the hay wagon and headed out to the orchard.  There they talked about "fake" apples and how they spray for bugs...
 and talked about the different varieties of apples they have.
We even saw a few cows along the way.
After a tour around the orchard, we headed back to learn how they package, store and sell their apples.

The kids then got in a few stories and even some samples.

What a fun kindergarten trip.  I think Landon's class had fun...
I know we both did!

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