Sunday, October 13, 2013

Potty training?

This weekend, we've worked on potty training.  That wasn't my intentions until yesterday afternoon.  I put Asher on the potty and he went.  I stripped him of any diapers, underwear or pants and let him run around the house with nothing on.  He had no accidents and even came up from playing downstairs to tell me potty.  Later in the afternoon we headed to my parents house with a diaper on.  He went once in his diaper and once on the potty.

This morning after Asher woke up, I did the same thing.  Most of the day however, he has had a diaper on.  Aside from going #2 right away this morning, he has had the same diaper on all day and has stayed completely dry.  He is not telling me when he has to go potty, but that's probably because I ask him about every fifteen minutes.

Needless to say, our potty has traveled everywhere with us this weekend.  Yay for potty training!  Can it really be this easy?

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