Monday, December 15, 2008

Life one year later...

I've done a lot of reflecting today, as it was one year ago today we brought Landon home from the hospital. If you asked me a year ago what life would be like today, I couldn't have imagined it would be so wonderful! Tonight, I listened to Landon cry for 20 minutes after I cut his toe nails. In his mind, the world was crashing down on him- he cried so hard he fell asleep. I was upset that Landon was upset, but I was also happy that I have an independent toddler, who knows what he likes and doesn't like.

One year ago tonight, I was expecting the worst. I was thinking we were going to be up all night and we weren't going to get any sleep. It wasn't nearly that bad, it's never been that bad. That night Landon slept very well. He woke three, maybe four times, and after eating he immediately fell back asleep. I have a wonderful husband who then took turns and still takes turns getting up early. Tonight, Landon fell asleep at 7:45 pm, and will sleep to 5:00 am. His internal alarm clock will not let him sleep any longer!

So, life for Landon and for us is pretty fun right now. He sleeps well, he eats well, and he is very active. Landon has five teeth. He walks/runs. He usually takes two naps a day. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Each nap last 1-2 hours. Landon also naps on the way to Bearnice's in the morning, and then gets upset when we get there and he wakes up. I tell him that he should sleep a little longer! Landon is now drinking whole milk, and after this weekend is down to just one bottle, and that is at bedtime. Landon loves to snack and his favorites are cheerios and goldfish. Landon likes most food, except for peaches. He will eat them only if he is hungry and it's the only thing on his tray. Landon loves his dog Elke, and thinks it's fun when he takes her rope and she chases him. He cries when she takes the rope back. He tries to pet her, but she moves to quickly for him. Landon knows how big he is, what a cow says, and what a puppy says, although he won't always do it on command. Landon knows how to wave hi and bye, but sometimes waves minutes after that person left. Landon still only knows one word and it's "this." Landon is working on sign language and knows the sign for milk- in fact, that's one of his first means of communication in the morning. Landon likes to cuddle, but it must be on his terms. He is a boy after all!

To say it's been the best year of our lives would be an understatement. Every child is a blessing, and we are thankful that Landon is a part of our lives.

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