Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rocker chair

Because Landon will be celebrating his birthday and Christmas both in the next two weeks, I was doing some packing away of toys last night. Boxing up the baby toys and making room for the big boy toys. I brought the baby toys down to the basement and noticed Landon's swing. What a great gift I got from my wonderful sister and sister-in-law. Landon used it so much as a baby. This multi-purpose contraption can be used as a swing, and then taken apart and used as a rocker. I brought it up thinking that Landon might like to use it again as a rocking chair. I'll leave it in the living room and it can be his own chair. He should have fun climbing in and out of it on his own. At first, Landon thought he got a new push toy. Everything is a push toy, laundry basket, toy barn, rocking horse, etc. Why would I think this would be different. So, he pushed it around for a while and then realized, this is kind of cool, I can climb in and out of it on my own. So, he picked up his favorite toy, the remote, and settled in. So, here are a couple pictures. The first picture is of Landon in his swing at two months old. The second picture is of Landon sitting in his swing last night. The scary part, he pushes button on the remote and looks at the TV to see what's happening. I know, kind of sad.

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