Monday, July 13, 2009

19 months old

Landon is now officially 19 months old. Most recently Landon has been going to bed on his own. Either Jeremy or I used to rock him to sleep every night. I never looked at this as a hastle, I loved rocking him to sleep. He was such a light sleeper though. I felt as though we had to tip toe around the house so he didn't wake up. If he did wake up, we certainly could not go in his room or it would all be over. About two weeks ago, it was past Landon's bedtime and he was not settling down when I rocked him. So I kissed him goodnight and layed him in his bed. He fell asleep with very little crying. So after reading our book the next night I asked Landon if he was ready to go night night. Landon nodded his head and went to his room. It's now that easy. Our routine is read a book, kisses and hugs for Daddy, say night night to Elke, go to his room. Give Mommy a kiss and a hug and in his bed. I know this is a good thing, but it still makes me sad. My baby is growing up and turning into a little boy...

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