Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy Saturday

What a busy day! We started the morning off by attending a baby shower for my cousin Mike and his wife Amy who are expecting a baby in mid August. Here is Landon all dressed up and ready to go. We "buzzed" Landon's hair when he broke his leg because it was going to be so much easier. I couldn't stand his hair, and am thrilled that it is finally growing back. It is now long enough that I can spike it. I love it, except that he looks like such a big boy :(
At the shower, Landon quickly made friends with Stella and her Grandma Donna who shared M & M's with him. Twice Stella went to give Landon a hug and both times Landon pushed her away. As you can see they made up on the swing though...

After a quick change we headed to the Winneshiek County Fair. Landon took a quick nap, but woke up just in time to see the ponies. The highlight of the fair was definitely the cows. It's a good thing we saw Carly otherwise I would not have ventured in the barn. Mom used to babysit Carly so we have known her forever. She received so many trophies for showing her cows, so I felt pretty safe with her. She took us over to her cows and asked if Landon wanted to pet the cow. Landon was not scared at all, and loved every minute of it. All night he kept saying "cows" and wanted to look at the pictures on my camera. How cute!

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