Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cast FREE!!!

We are finally done- after 7 long weeks, Landon is finally cast free! The xray's looked great today, in fact you couldn't even see the fracture anymore. The Dr. said that sometimes the body focuses on repairing bones and the broken bone will over grow. Dr. Wintersteen wants us to come back in one year to make sure that Landon's broken femur is not growing longer than the femur in his other leg.

We were told to expect Landon to continue to act like he still has a cast on. Also, that it could take up to several weeks for him to walk. Landon had quite a bit of bruising starting in his ankle, and although he wanted to stand, he was scared and appeared to be in some pain. After a nice, LONG bath, Landon decided it was time to start walking. Although he walks like he still has a cast on, he is walking all over the place. Also, the bruising is already gone.

I am so thrilled that his recovery has gone so well, and thanks to everyone for all the support you have given!
One last picture this morning before the cast came off!
A picture with Auntie Jo Jo last night. Who would have ever thought they would have broken bones at the same time. On a side note, Jodi car pooled with us and went to her orthopedics appointment today as well. Things are looking better for her. She will go back next week when they will try and pop the bones in her humerus back into alignment. She was told to be off work for 8-12 weeks as they want to try and let gravity work it's magic.


Lisa said...

YEAH for no more cast! I'm so happy that the 7 weeks are FINALLY over! Glad that everything looked good on the x-ray. Hopefully Aunt Jody's bones will heal as nicely as Landon's!

You look like you've lost weght Stacy, you look great!

Stacy Merrill said...

Thanks for all your thoughts Lisa. I hope your Mom isn't too nervous today about Landon walking around kind of wobbily! I hope Aunt Jodi heals quickly as well.

I have lost about 50 pounds. I started running in February, and am addicted :) Mom said she saw you at a wedding reception a few weeks ago and you looked good. Your Mom said you have been busy working out as well. Good luck!

Lisa said...

About all mom said about Landon yesterday was that he crashed hard and fast during his morning nap! He was a tired little boy!! Said he still walks like he's got the cast on (which is to be expected) but did really well. She's just nervous about him climbing on everything again!

50 lbs, GOOD FOR YOU! I know that isn't easy, it took me 1 1/2 years to lose 66 the trick is keeping it off! :-) Good luck with your running!