Sunday, March 4, 2012

Does he look sick to you?

On Wednesday, I noticed Asher was coming down with a cold.  Over the next couple days, he was a little more tired and didn't have a super big appetite, but he was sleeping really well.  I gave him a couple nebulizer treatments and thought we were on top of it.  On Friday, I decided to take him in just for reassurance.  I thought I would rather pay a Dr. visit and hear that everything was ok, than make a trip to the ER over the weekend.  You've been there right? 

Asher ended up with RSV and had a severe double ear infection.  Keep in mind we just finished antibiotics from a previous ear infection just five days before that.  I was completely shocked because like I said, he was sleeping so well at night.

Needless to say, we got stronger antibiotics, an oral steroid and bumped up the albuteral to every two hours.  

Today, Asher is perfectly fine and you would never know that he was not feeling well just a few days ago.  In fact, he is all over the place.  Remember he just learned how to crawl a few days ago.  Click here to read about that.  He is now super crawling, and just this morning he pulled himself up on the dog crate.  
Since this morning, Asher is pulling himself up on everything.  He even took two steps around the ottoman.  While I'm so excited to be entering a new phase, I am also on edge watching his every single move. 

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