Saturday, March 10, 2012

8 months old

Once again, a few days late, but Asher is now 8 months old.  Asher is such a happy little guy, who is now constantly on the move!
In the last week, Asher has learned how to crawl, pull himself up on everything,
and just get himself in trouble...
By the way, don't those last two photos reminder you of older brother! 

Asher is still not into any sort of food other than gerber puffs.  He loves to feed himself, but as I mentioned before, has this crazy gag reflex and will throw up at the drop of a hat.  Thus we are still just drinking formula.  If only he would get more teeth (just has 2)...
Asher's three favorite things in his life right now:
  1. His baba
  2. Being naked
  3. The vacuum cleaner (seriously goes bananas when I open the closet door to get it out!)
  4. Taking baths (I end up just as wet as him!)
We love you so much Asher Sam and are so blessed we were chosen to be your parents!

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