Monday, July 23, 2012

Swim lessons

After last years (failed) attempt at swim lessons, I was really looking forward to Landon's lessons this year.  Landon has changed a lot this past year, and is really starting to become more social.  He has even (up until a few weeks ago), been going to Sunday school and really enjoying it. 
 There's been a lot of hype leading up to his lessons...
We got to the pool half an hour early so Landon could play and get acclimated to the water.  Landon was all about the toys, but when his instructor asked if he was ready to get in the water, he shook his head no and gave me this look like, are you kidding me Mom?

Landon's teacher and I attempted to coax him into the water for about ten minutes.  After that, I realized there is no point.  We were not going to attempt lessons this year.  There's always next year...
After his lessons were a no go, we walked over to the baby pool.  Nope he said, not going in there either.

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