Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visiting the Nelson's

I mentioned that we were in Cedar Falls last weekend for the Miller Cousin Reunion.  Well, I couldn't be in the same town as my newest nephew and not go see him...

Landon and I had a little discussion about who got to hold him first.  After I held Sullivan for a few minutes, Landon was eager to give Sully a little love.
My turn again.  Asher did ok for the most part and then he thought he needed on my lap.  I really don't think it was a jealousy thing, I really think Asher wanted to see the baby. 
And grab the baby's face.  Ha, ok, so Asher didn't get his hands on Sully, because I was quick with my right hand.  Kudos to Landon's photography skills!
We miss you baby Sully!

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