Sunday, December 16, 2012


Let me take a minute to introduce you to my five year old!  I can't even believe it's possible for my little babe to be five, but here he is...
On Landon's birth day, he woke up to a bouquet of balloons and a present.  Landon quickly walked past those and after we excitedly sang "Happy Birthday" to him, he responded with tears and "I can't find my chap stick."  After finding his chap stick (which were in his pants pocket in the laundry), he was all smiles.  Jeremy quickly shared with him that he was his Mother's son that morning. :)
Landon carried on to school where he got to enjoy his birthday with all his new friends.  It was also a special day at school because Landon's class got to come to school in their pajamas and have a Polar Express pajama party!

Later in the evening, we headed out to eat.  Since it was Landon's special day, he got to choose where we all ate.  Landon chose Happy Joe's!
Although the pizza is good, I think Landon had one thing in mind when he chose Happy Joe's, and that was the games.  Landon won 32 tickets and got to cash them in.  He was pretty excited about getting a new race car. 
The celebration continued when we got home with cupcakes from Buttercream Dreams.  Landon enjoyed his favorite, Chocolate Chocolate Chip.
Yesterday, just two days after his Birthday, the celebration continued when our family came over to help celebrate. 

Landon enjoyed showing everyone his blue tongue.

 Lucky for Landon, his big cousin Eryn could help him read his cards.

I think Landon would agree with me that he had a fantastic 5th Birthday.  We are so blessed to be surrounded with such a loving and caring family.  All the activities must have wore Landon out, because he's on his 2nd nap of the day!

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