Monday, December 31, 2012

Jump Start Christmas Program

Earlier this month, Landon had his very first school Christmas Program, and I have to say there is a bit of a funny story that goes along with it.

As usual in the morning, I picked out the boys clothes, got Asher dressed and Landon got himself dressed.  When it was time to head out the door, I reminded Landon to wear his nice gray shoes.  I proceeded to get Asher all bundled up and loaded in the car.  After dropping Asher off at daycare, we headed off to the before school program.  Landon got out of the car and I about fell over.  He was wearing his electric blue Adidas tennis shoes.  I asked Landon why he was wearing those shoes and where were his gray shoes.  He said that he liked his blue shoes better and he left the gray ones at home.  I debated about turning around to get his shoes, but I needed to get to work.  Thankfully, he was in the back row, and no one saw his shoes!

I didn't know what to expect out of Landon.  He has come along way this year, and has come out of his shell, so to speak.  But would he sing?  Would he cry?  Would he hide?  He did super awesome and sang his little heart out.  I even got a few waves!

Hope you enjoyed the photos, below are a couple videos you might enjoy as well, ;)

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