Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More ear infections

We were back at the Dr. yesterday to deal with more ear infections.  For the past few months, little brother has been doing very well.  The tubes are doing their jobs and we have been ear infection free.  Big bro on the other hand came down with a cold over the weekend.  It resulted in him telling me on Sunday night that his ear hurt.  So it was off to the Dr. we went Monday morning.  Landon has never been wrong about ear infections.  In fact, by the time he tells us, they have usually ruptured or are severely infected.  His pain tolerance is out of this world.

So the Dr. confirmed our suspicions, and diagnosed Landon with another double ear infection.  This is Landon's 3rd or 4th infection in just a couple months.  In fact, Landon has yet to pass a hearing test at school.  I think he's failed 3.  He's either just had an ear infection, or comes down with an infection a few days after the test.  In one month, we'll go back for a recheck.  If there is still fluid, we will go back and meet with Dr. Redmann for a consult on tubes.  Buy one get one free..anyone?

On a side note, I came down with the stomach flu last Friday night.  It caught up with Asher last night, and he is still running a fever tonight.  We also went from an ice storm, to 50 degrees, to a predicted snow storm of 6-9 inches all within 96 hours.  Ahhh winter...

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