Friday, March 26, 2010

Double Ear Infection

I thought we were getting by so good this winter.  Knock on wood, no illnesses, not even a cold.  I picked up Landon from daycare yesterday and could tell he was not feeling well.  It was supposed to be a busy night, finishing up the details of our 5 dozen wedding cake and engagement ring cookies.  And  then, as I got Landon out of the car, he got sick :(  Landon got sick several more times throughout the course of the evening.  Well the cookies got done, I stayed home from work today and Landon spent this morning running around as if nothing happened.  

By this afternoon however, Landon was tugging on his ear and saying it hurt.  He went through a half an hour period of screaming.  I know that scream, it doesn't come out very often.  In the car we went and headed over to Urgent Care.  Upon getting there, Landon was acting fine.  I asked myself why I was over reacting and bringing him in.  Then the Dr. saw us.  Landon's right ear (the one he was complaining about), was so swollen, the Dr. could not even see the ear drum.  Landon's left ear (the one he never even complained about), well, the ear drum had already burst, so it was not causing him pain any longer.  This kid has such a high threshold for pain, I tell you.  In the end, the Dr. thought it was the pain, and infection in the inner ear making him dizzy that caused the vomiting.  Poor baby.  So, we got ear drops and amoxicillan and am hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.  Mommy is tackling this one solo as Daddy is...
...trying not to break anything in Indiana.

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