Friday, March 19, 2010


On Tuesday, Landon and I went to visit my friend Mindy and her new baby Girl Harper. I forgot my camera, but you will have to trust me, she is adorable!! Mindy's middle guy Chase was playing with this game, Elefun. I thought Landon would like it, but he really showed no interest in it. I guess he was too busy playing with all the other different toys! The next day I went back to work, and look what I found. Did I mention that I work at the best place ever?! I brought it home and Landon and I played that night and the next night, and this morning. He LOVES it!
The butterfly's come out of the Elephant's truck, and you are supposed to catch them with a net. It requires lots of hand/eye coordination, and the colored butterflies also make for a great practice naming our colors.
It's also fun to take the trunk off and watch the butterflies swirl about!
Apparently the net makes a nice hat. Two are always better than one!

Here is a fun video of Elephun making it's debut at the Merrill house.

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Lisa said...

SCORE! You find all the deals Stacy! That is too funny that you found it the next day. Looks like he is really enjoying it!

Saw your little guy in pictures today! Rose was at the Child and Baby Expo here in Waterloo so I chatted with her about you and the cute pics of Landon! LOVE the tea cup one, so happy you are getting that from her! Is she reasonably priced? I am looking for someone to do Brayden's 3/6/9/12 month pictures.