Saturday, July 3, 2010

4 wheeling Landon style

  • $5 - dirty, broken jeep at the Depot
  • $25 - battery and charger at Walmart
  • Priceless - the look on Landon's face when he learned he could drive his new jeep!
 Can you see the circles in the grass?  He hasn't quite figured out how to straighten the wheel out.
Where does he learn this from?
Click on the video to see Landon taking his jeep out for the first time.
Landon asked for the "mote" (garage door opener).  I think he has taken over Jeremy's side of the garage now!
It is true, one of the first things Landon said after he asked if the Jeep was his.  It needs bigger tires.  Like Father, like son!

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