Monday, July 5, 2010

Indoor projects

Today was a holiday for both Jer and I, so we tried to make the most of the rainy weather and get to work on some indoor projects.  This including grinding the sealer off the basement floor.  Jeremy rented a floor grinder which worked really well.  It could run dry and and create dust that would go through the entire house, or wet and get the walls kind of yucky.  We chose the later.  Jeremy moped up the floor about a half a dozen times and I wiped down all the walls about a half a dozen times.  Everything is looking good.

Still finding ourselves with some free time this afternoon, we started to lay down the tile in the bathroom.  This is the easy tile project.  The tile is big, the area is small and there is no pattern.  The family room on the other hand.  I have a feeling when that time comes its going to cost me a lot of money. Buying beer that is. 

On an earlier day we played around with laying the tile out, so we were all ready to go.  I just needed to number the tiles and create my map!
Then it was time to get started.
Landon kept busy coloring.  To mix the mortar, Jeremy needed to run the drill.  Apparently, the drill was too noisy, so headphones were in order.
While not done, we've made progress. 

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