Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our weekend

Where to begin?  Our weekend was jammed pack with activities around the house.  For days, well over a week, Jeremy has been working on laying the floor tile in the family room.  It is coming along, but ugh....  I have helped out when I could (which isn't much), but I am so ready for the basement to be complete!
For all of you out there who have done any tiling, they say the hard part is the grouting.  And we will have a lot of grouting to do!
Aside from the regular grocery shopping and house cleaning, I also took advantage of the super nice weather and did some cleaning outdoors.

I scrubbed the house down and power washed - yucky bugs, mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, and trimmed hedges.
I found a lot of time to play outside with Landon...
and Elke.  You want to dig a hole?  Why not.  What's funny is that Elke does not dig holes.  But when Landon starts, she wants to help!
As I mentioned, Jeremy pretty much worked on tiling all weekend.  He did take a break to cut some hay.  
All in all, it was once again a super busy weekend.  I can't wait for things to slow down and projects come to an end.  That will happen right?!

I almost forgot.  We worked on potty training a lot this weekend!  Yippee!!

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