Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The fruits of our labor

This is the tomato plant that Landon and I potted earlier this summer.
Now look at it, we've got tomatoes!  I learned that the deck was radiating way too much sun which does not make the tomato plant look pretty, but I moved the plant, and it is improving.  Give me a break anyway, this is my first attempt at growing vegetables fruit.  Tomatoes are fruit right?
The fruits of our labor (pun intended).

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Lisa said...

Good work! Were they tasty? Joe has a garden at his grandma's and brought home some things last week...they went bad! I'm not used to fresh produce (well not fresh from the garden anyway, from the store-yes) so I told Joe, I'm really not a good wife for someone that has a garden! But I also told him he shouldn't have planted so much!! :-) You think I would have learned by now since this isn't the first year he's planted a garden!