Saturday, July 31, 2010

Potty training - check!

Do I dare say it?  I think that Landon is 100% potty trained!  Seriously, in the past two days, Landon has gone from occasionally going, to being completely independent and going without even telling me.  We haven't wore diapers for a few days and he has not had any accidents.  Wheee!!  I don't even need to ask him if he has to go, he just goes himself.  He is even sleeping with his "big boys" on.  I went to put a diaper on him at night and he refused.  "I'm a big boy!"

Today, Landon was getting ready to go with Grandma Debbie to give the horses a bath.  You have to wear your cowboy boots for that didn't you know?  He did eventually put his clothes on, but I managed to snap some pictures in the meantime.  How could I resist not sharing these with you.
His special gift for being potty trained - a new case loader.  He is in heaven. (And so am I)

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