Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Horses and Firetrucks

Sunday was such a beautiful day.  After church and a few errands, we had the pleasure of having my Uncle John's trail ride come past our house and go on some of the trails.  
I always look forward to seeing all the pretty horses come by.  These two little girls were adorable on their horse.
Even Grandma Debbie was on the ride!
After the horses disappeared into the woods, it was time for the boys to take a nap.  Thankfully, that was a success, because we had more plans for the evening.  The Calmar Fire Department was hosting a chili supper and their annual fire truck parade.  It was also my Mom's birthday, so we headed to Calmar.
The soup was delicious and the parade was as fun as always.  Lots of lights!
They boys hung in there pretty good.  They were both starting to get tired, but enjoyed the parade from the stroller.
It would be nice if this weather would continue for a while.  We've been fortunate to have such fantastic weather for harvesting and enjoying the outdoors. 

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