Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cereal time

First off, yes, we are still alive.  This may be the longest blogging break that I've taken, so thanks for bearing with me.  A few things have happened this past week, so let's recap. 
  1. I had a sick little boy.  Nothing major, but enough to go to the Dr. twice in two days.  Asher's cold was really getting to him and I was getting nervous about his breathing.  I was already giving him nebulizer treatments, but they weren't working.  Dr. Schilling changed the treatment and also prescribed prednisone to give his lungs a boost.  We had to go back for a recheck the next day to make sure his breathing was better (which it was), and we go back again tomorrow for another recheck.
  2. Being a full-time working, momma of two, wife, chef, housekeeper has kicked my butt.
  3. Getting to more fun things, I started feeding Asher cereal last night.
Now that Asher is feeling a little better, we decided it was time to start him on cereal.  We decided this because he will be four months next week and he is already 17 pounds 10 ounces.  Don't adjust your monitor, you read that right.  My future football player is an armful and he seems to be hungry all the time!
It went ok.  Despite having a bottle an hour before attempting cereal, he was already hungry again, and couldn't eat the cereal fast enough.  He started getting a little frustrated, so we would take a few bites of cereal, take a few drinks of baba, and repeat the process over and over.   
Tonight was kind of the same story.  He just wanted his baba because I think he thinks that's just so much easier.  
I'm sure it won't be long and this little big guy will be eating table food before you know it.

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