Sunday, August 25, 2013

34 year old ramblings

So I celebrated my birthday this past week and I turned 34.  Here are some of my ramblings:
  • I love getting older.  Not that I'm immature or anything, but I feel like such a grown up the older I get.
  • I look forward to my hair turning grey.  I will not color it.  I have seen a few silver strands as of lately and I am completely ok with that.
  • I have not been a very good christian lately.  I love the Lord with all my heart, but I have been a sinner.  We have not been to church in a few months as we are in the process of looking for a new church.  I feel like a part of me has died and miss our church family that once was.  I cry almost daily for the Lord to bring me close to him. 
  • I am completely addicted to pinterest.  As a type A personality, it is the greatest thing ever.  I have thousands of pins and I love finding new recipes, kids crafts and diy projects.  Love, love, love it!
  • I love being a Mom.  I never knew that kids could bring this much joy and love into our hearts.  My heart breaks for all the women out there praying to become a Mom.  
  • I am inpatient.  As a society we are into instant gratification.  That makes me sad and I am completely guilty of it.
  • I am completely sad that I have a kindergartener.  There is part of me that wants to home school my children.  Not even kidding.
  • We are 99% sure we are done having children.  I feel like 4 is a good number to our family, but you never know.  Ultimately, it is out of my hands.  If we were meant to have more kids, it will happen.  On a side note, I loved being pregnant and wouldn't rule out carrying a baby for someone else. 
  • I am currently going through some major internal struggles.  I yearn so much to be home with the boys.  Part of me wonders if that would make sense since Asher will go to school in two years.  The other part of me says I still have two years until Asher goes to school.  I just feel like I should be there more.  I would love to see them get on the bus from home and off the bus at home instead of them being at a school for 10 1/2 hours a day.  I would love to have fresh cookies waiting for them when they get off the bus and help them with their homework instead of this rat race that we're in.  
  • I am loving having a garden.  I am anxious to try my hand at canning.  Hopefully this next weekend we will have enough tomatoes to start canning.
  • I can honestly say that I love my husband more today than the day I married him.  He is seriously such an amazing person.  How he puts up with me, I'll never know.
  • I have completely fallen off the workout wagon.  I start up and stop, start up and stop.  I miss the energy I had when I worked out daily and am hoping by writing this I will get back at it.  The scale has not been my friend.
  • I am starting to hate winter and wish I could back up all of our family and move somewhere warmer.
  • I have really enjoyed fishing with the boys, but am no where near being able to clean one up and eat it. 
  • I love thunderstorms.
  • I love having a blog and hope I can continue for a long time to come.  
That's just a little glimpse of where I'm at at 34.  Sorry for the ramble but sometimes it feels so good to write it all down.  Cheers to another year!

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