Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shoe tying

I came home from work tonight with a new pair of shoes for Landon.  He needed a separate pair of shoes to keep at school just for P.E.  When I went shopping on my lunch break, every pair of Velcro shoes in his size were out.  I found a cute pair of shoes with laces and decided he would either need to enlist the help of his teacher or leave them tied and slip them off and on. 

Landon was so super tired (only a 20 minute rest in kindergarten) when we first walked in the house and very emotional.  He wanted to learn how to tie his shoes so desperately.  Apparently one other boy in his class knows how to tie his shoes, so Landon thought he should be able to do it as well.  I showed him once when I was making supper.  He couldn't get it and was even more upset.  I told him we would work on it more after bath. 

After bath, we sat on the couch each holding a shoe and tried again.  The first try ended in more tears.  A light bulb then went on.  My sweet little guy is left handed.  I changed my technique, and he nailed it right away.  After a few practices, I shot this video.  This was only his 5th or 6th time tying his shoe and he has it completely down.  This little guy has such determination. 

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