Monday, August 19, 2013


My boys have really been into fishing this summer.  We've gone a couple times, but this past weekend was the most memorable. 
Meyers Lake {otherwise known as Lake Meyer} is the fishing hole of choice.  We have this great shaded, comfy spot picked out that's working well.
This time we used real worms.  This was a first and proved to be a learning lesson.  Not too big, not too small.  Dad handled it like a champ. 

Even Asher was enjoying himself, until he found juice in the cooler.

And then the big moment came.  Landon caught his very first fish {at exactly the same time his Dad caught a fish}.  Because they both had fish on their lines, my help was needed.  I tried snapping away, but didn't get a picture of Landon's fish.  I did get a picture of his sweet little face though.  So excited!
Landon asked me if he can have a copy of this picture for his room.  He's so proud and can't wait to go fishing again. 
 A perfect day...

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