Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leg cast: Day 4

Landon is doing well with his leg cast. In fact, he rarely gets frustrated and is getting around much easier than a week ago. When I was not in the room last evening, Jer said that Landon was able to stand up by himself in the middle of the room. This afternoon, I put his walking boot on over his cast and a shoe on his other foot and Landon was even practicing walking around furniture. After a few minutes Landon was becoming frustrated so we took everything back off. Landon is eating much better now that he can sit in his high chair. That is a relief for me. I have been worried about him losing weight, but he finally seems to be getting his apetite back.
Landon loves to watch the birds at the bird feeder.
Landon found his rain golashes. They are too big for him, but he thought he needed to wear them. Notice how dirty his cast is getting already. Ugh...
Just checking his email!!

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