Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spica cast: Day 20

I think the ticker on the right is a little off, but it is close. It's reassuring to know that in about 24 hours, Landon will have a little more freedom. On Wednesday, Jeremy and I will be taking Landon to LaCrosse to have his Spica cast taken off and a leg cast put on. This is going to be a difficult day, and I will be glad when the process is over. Landon is currently working on his eye teeth and the last couple days/evenings have been difficult. Landon is waking up at night and can pull himself up. Unfortunately, he is not able to lower himself down and this means Mom and Dad have to go in his room. Landon is becoming increasingly frustrated because he is not able to be mobile. I too hope that changes when they change his leg cast. Wednesday will also mark the half way point. Three weeks in a cast and three weeks left in a cast. I would like to say it has gone by quickly, but it really seems to be dragging...Looking forward to tomorrow!

Landon does not like me dressing him in the mornings, and thinks that he should do it himself. Here are a few pictures of Landon trying to dress himself yesterday morning. He ended up getting a little helf from Mom!

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