Friday, June 26, 2009

Leg cast: Day 16

As the days get closer, they seem to be taking longer. Landon's cast is set to come off on July 8th, which still seems like an eternity away. I continue to be amazed how well Landon has adapted to all of these changes. Landon is such a happy little boy and does not get frustrated or upset when he can not do something. I think of how excited he is going to be when everything returns back to normal! We are so fortunate that everything will return to normal!

On Tuesday, Landon started walking. When Landon learned to walk several months ago, he just woke up and started walking. The same happened on Tuesday. Landon woke up and decided he was going to walk. He can now walk fairly well and does not need to hang on to anything. It is really amazing to see. Landon walking makes me and Bernice very nervous, but he is doing so well! I will try to post a video of him walking!

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