Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catch up...

Well, it's deer hunting season, so we're staying in the house and getting a lot done this weekend. 
Once again, life continues to remain busy, therefore, my blog has lacked.  That, and Asher threw up on my laptop, so it's a little more inconvenient to hop online.  We've had our fair share of colds lately, and Friday I picked the boys up from daycare early because Landon was running a fever.  Thankfully he never threw up and was back to 100% on Saturday.  Asher has been battling a cold for three weeks, but I think he is finally better. 

Now that we are back up to speed, here are a few highlights from Thanksgiving weekend.  We celebrated with my family at our house on Thanksgiving Day.  Since I already put one of our trees up, it was the perfect time to snap some photos. 
Asher (almost 5 months old)
Landon took a brief time out to pose for a picture.  Otherwise he was enjoying his time with his cousins Eryn, Nolan and Derek.
My parents and their grandchildren.  Mom, this is the photo I used to make your Christmas card!
 My boys!
The festivities continued through the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon, we went to Jeremy's Mom and celebrated Thanksgiving with them.  We are so thankful for our wonderful families and always enjoy the time we get to spend with them.  Here are a few highlights of our day.
Grandma Debbie and the boys
Jeremy with his Mom and the boys
4 Generations - Asher, Daddy Jeremy, Grandma Debbie and Great Grandma Barb
Grandma Debbie with the boys and Mike with his Grandchildren
Great Grandma Barb holding Landon and Asher

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