Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa arrived...

When we got home from my parents on Christmas Eve night, I read Twas the night before Christmas, just as I have done since Landon was born.  And just like Landon's first Christmas, Asher slept through it as well.  Landon had lots of questions before he went to bed. Mostly, I reassured him that Santa would come when he was sleeping. 

Thinking Landon would be excited on Christmas morning, he woke up and carried on just as if it were any other day.  After being up for about 10 minutes, I asked Landon if he thought Santa came.  He said, "Yay, he did.  I saw the presents under the tree when I got up."  Landon got a few bites into his breakfast and then thought it might be time to check out what Santa brought.
Not only did Landon get to open his presents, he got to open Asher's as well.  He was pretty excited.
Landon loved his wood truck...
but instantly fell in love with his bat cave.
And some how, Mommy ended up on the nice list. Santa got her the Canon Rebel T3!  So pumped!

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