Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meeting Santa

As you can tell, somebody wasn't too excited to meet Santa.  Lucky for Landon, he has a little brother he can now use for a pon.  "Asher can sit on Santa's lap.  I'll stand over here."

On Thursday night, we went up to Christmas in Calmar.  I just took the boys to see Santa because it was so windy out.  Landon told Mrs. Claus he wants a rocket thing that has a big arm and moves rocks.  What???  I'm not sure Santa knew that a few weeks ago when she he was doing her his Christmas shopping!

Even though there were so many other activities going on in Calmar, we just made a quick stop by Grandpa Sam before wrapping up.  He was hanging out by the Fire Departments decorated six wheeler handing out goodies to those that walked by.  It was so cold and windy that Asher stayed in the car. 

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