Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hanging out with the Schrandt's

On Saturday we headed down to Cedar Falls to hang out with Jon and Brooke.  It has been FAR to long since we've gone down to see them, and we were so excited!  We started out early, that's easy to do when Landon is up at 5am, and got down there around 9am or so.  After a little catch up, Brooke, Landon and I headed out to do some shopping. 

After we shopped the morning away, the guys met up with us.  The took Landon back to the house to settle in for a nap (which did not happen).  That meant it was time for Brooke and I to do some serious shopping.  Or, shopping in nice stores in downtown Cedar Falls without little fingers touching expensive things! 

All the time we were shopping, Ms. Elke was hanging out with her beau Rosco.  She just loves him.  I mean seriously, L.O.V.E.S. him!  Almost as soon as we hit Airline highway in Waterloo, she starts whining - she knows exactly where we are going.
By the time we finished shopping, it was time for supper.  Sunday (today), is Jeremy's birthday, and he chose Texas Roadhouse to eat at.  No complaints here!
Dinner was so good.  No kidding, I ate so much that I am literally still FULL this morning.  Oh yes, the treadmill and I will become good friends again this morning!  Good food, good company, good time!

After super we headed back to Jon and Brooke's for a little unwind before heading home.  Landon played with Rosco.  He just loves Rosco and has talked about him since he woke up this morning.  So cute!
Thanks for a great time Jon and Brooke.  We love you guys!

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