Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big bro/little bro updates

Please excuse my lack of blogging lately.  This is due to many reasons.  
  1. A new baby who seems to have his days and nights mixed up.  With the exception of last night, Asher feels that he needs to eat every hour. 
  2. Lighting hit us on Monday morning and took out our phones, desktop computer and our internet.  Grrr...
With that being said, let me get you up to speed on Landon.  Landon is taking his big brother job very seriously.  On several occasions, I have said, "You are such a big boy."  Only to be corrected with, "I'm not a big boy Mom, I'm a big brother!"
Landon is super helpful, grabbing a bottle, paci, diaper, even grabbing his step stool to talk to Asher when Mommy is changing Asher's diaper.  Landon does not like to hear Asher cry.  

Last night, Landon and I got haircuts.  Asher was a good boy and slept through them. Landon got a big boy cut, complete with a faux hawk.
Asher is really doing awesome.  He is an eating machine.  The first week, he was up constantly.  Let me say that he is not fussy at all.  He is just eating.  Well eating and pooping.  Last night, was much better.  Asher only woke up two times after settling down at midnight.  He seems to sleep better when he has a bath at night.  After his bath, he is so alert and just wants to be up and looking around. 

Asher and I went in for our post-partum chiropractic adjustments yesterday.  Oh that felt so good.  Asher must not have minded it as he slept right through it.  The chiropractor did say that there were a couple places where Asher was out of alignment, so she fixed him up.  Maybe that is why he slept so good last night?

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