Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun at the Fair

This past Wednesday afternoon, I ventured out with both boys to the Winneshiek County Fair.  It was a perfect day, with temps in the 70's. 
Since this was my first outing alone with both boys, I was not about to tackle anything crazy.  That meant, no rides.  The only thing Landon Landon ended up wanting to see was the animals.  We toured through the cow barns, walked on the outside of the pig barns, saw rabbits, roosters and more.  Landon was really interested in seeing horses, but there were none.  Landon was intrigued however by the cow show going on.  
Despite the prefect temps, the sun was a bit warm for the newest mister, so we made a quick stop for a shake and it was time to head home.
Asher missed it all...
On Friday night, Jer took Landon back to the fair for a guys night out.  They joined up with a friend of Jer's, and his son and went to the tractor pull.  Unfortunately, they only got to see about 3 pulls before the rain moved in.  Hopefully, they will reschedule the tractor pull so the guys can go back. 

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