Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ossian Fest Parade

Last Friday night, the boys and I met up with Cathy and the kids for the Ossian Fest parade.  As always, it was a big hit.  The weather was perfect, and I think everyone in Winneshiek County was there!
Even though I didn't get many pictures, Ossian always goes all out on their floats.  Kiss tribute band anyone?
And, as always, Grandpa was there handing out treats on behalf of the fire department. Luckily, we got our Mr. Freeze's before they ran out. :)
The highlight of the night for me was seeing my niece Eryn up and feeling so good.  The poor thing fell of a swing just the night before and broke two bones in her arm.  They set the bones on Friday morning, but that did not keep her from missing the parade.  She is such a trooper and is doing awesome!  Keep her in your thoughts as we continue to pray the healing process goes quickly and is pain free.  What is with the Sabelka's and their broken bones?

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