Wednesday, August 17, 2011

President Obama comes to Decorah

It's not everyday the acting President of the United States of America comes to your local community.  That was however, the case for us this past Monday.  President Obama was on a bus tour in the midwest and not only made a stop in Decorah, but stayed overnight.  While I didn't venture out to see him, many of my friends did, and I snagged some of their pictures.

After speaking to an invitation only crowd at Seed Savers, the President and his entourage made their way to Hotel Winneshiek where he spent the night.  
The secret service were in town for days prior to the Presidents arrival.  Here they are on top of Hotel Winneshiek as the President was on his way. 
It wasn't until late Monday afternoon that I realized the helicopters and jets I kept hearing were due to the President.  While I never got a glimpse of the jets, you could see the helicopter.  Even when I got up to feed Asher at 2:45 am, I still heard the jets. 
Whatever your political views are, it's a pretty cool honor to have the President come to your community. 
This video was taken by my friend Brenda.  Thanks Brenda for an up close video.

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