Tuesday, June 14, 2011

38 weeks

Wow, we are definitely in the home stretch now!  Parts of me are super excited for this little guy to meet his family, but I'm not sure if it has really sunk in yet that he could come any time now.  I had a routine Dr. appointment today, and all is well.  I am continuing about all my normal daily activities, work, laundry, playing, etc., but I definitely feel like I am slowing down a little bit (or a lot).  I've been dilated to 1 cm, for two weeks now, but that obviously doesn't mean much.  We'll see what the next week brings!
Landon puts his hands on my tummy a lot, and feels the baby moving around on a daily basis.  As the nursery is ready and the bags are packed, Landon is more and more anxious to meet his brother.  I was making a phone call the other day when Landon asked me if I was calling his baby brother.  What an awesome big bro he is going to be!

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