Wednesday, June 1, 2011

36 weeks down, 4(ish) to go

Ok, I am either getting really big, or I need to stop taking such close ups!  I uploaded the pictures I took, and seriously could not believe that is me.  I really love being pregnant, but I look like I am ready to POP!

I also can not believe that I am in the very last stretch.  I am so excited to meet this little guy, it's unbelievable.  The other part of me, is not ready to leave work, nor do I feel like I am completely ready on the home front.  It is just a super busy month, and I am dealing with some guilt issues.  I guess he is going to come whether we are ready or not!

At my appointment last week, Dr. Schilling said I was dilated to 1 cm.  My response was, "It's my second pregnancy, aren't I automatically dilated to 1?"  She laughed and said no.  I do have to go in on Friday for another ultrasound to make sure he is head down.  She couldn't tell for sure when she examined me, and obviously we don't want him to be breech.  

I have been having a few random contractions and am definitly feeling some other changes going on.  I was pretty sure for a long time that I was going to go two weeks over.  Now, I'm not so sure.  I guess only time will tell!

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