Friday, June 3, 2011

Calling Pilot Landon

Last night, Landon and I buzzed up to NICC in Calmar, where they were holding a farm safety clinic.  We did not attend the clinic, but got there just as they were finishing.  We got there just in time to see Grandpa Sam still in his fireman's uniform.  At first, Landon did not want to stand near Grandpa for a picture, but he quickly warmed up.  For as many times that he has been to the fire station, he has never seen Grandpa n his uniform.
Grandpa said the helicopter was about 4 minutes out, so we stood inside, behind some glass doors and patiently waited.  Quickly, all the kids came out of the safety clinic and rushed to the glass as well.  Not even a minute later, the helicopter flew over and came around the land.  When we got the a-ok, we headed out to check it out.
Landon thought it was awesome and asked if he could have a ride.  While I hope he never has to travel in this particular medical helicopter, another form of flying sounds like a good time.
He is a Merrill after all, and maybe being a pilot like his Grandpa Tim, Uncle Oliver and Daddy is somewhere in his future.

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