Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just passing by...

Elke was going frantic the other night, barking up a storm, and wanting outside in the worst way.  Once I saw what was in the front yard, neither her, or Landon were going out. This was one big turtle.  
The last time we saw a turtle this big in our front yard, was the night before the 2008 flood.  It was raining, and a huge turtle was passing through.  What we didn't know was, he was headed for higher ground.  We woke up the next morning to over 6" of rain, and that was the highest the river ever got in our backyard.  Here is the link to flood pictures.  Since then, Jeremy and I have said if we see a turtle in our front yard again, we know what's about to come.
I was a little nervous as they were calling for rain the next day, but thankfully, this turtle was just passing by.

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